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Getting Started

Once you have an account you will be given login details as an owner. This authorizes you to sign in and start adding data.

Start by adding your managers, employees and commission staff (optional) as users.

Next, enter your tables, then categories and menus. After this you will be ready to begin billing.

Adding Users

Add unlimited users. Don’t forget to set their roles as one of owners, managers, employees or commission staff. You can set their role which determines the level of access they have.

Owners, managers and employees can login and operate the exactPOS Android app. Commission staff can login to the app and can view the sales associated with their PIN number for the current trading date.

Owners have full control over their data and can add other users. Managers can edit bills and orders but may not delete paid bills.

Adding Tables

Your tables can have alphabetic or numeric names. For best results keep them short. Add as many tables as you need.

Adding Categories

Add categories as you need for the different menu items you sell. Categories are usually items, like beer, wine, spirits, cocktails or food. Categories can be any item you want. For best results use short names.

Adding Menu Items

Add all your menu items. Menu items can be set as active or suspended as required.

Set a regular price and a happy hour price for each item. If you do not use happy hour prices, set the happy hour price to the same amount as the regular price to avoid mistakes in ordering.

You can set the ranking order of each menu item to control the order they are displayed in the app. Menu items will be displayed in a grid dependign on the size of the phone or tablet being used.

Menu items may optionally include a commission amount. If the amount entered is greater than zero then the app will display a field to enter the commission staff PIN number when the item is ordered. The order may be edited at any time to include the commission staff PIN number before the bill is paid.

Each menu item may optionally have a link to an image which will be displayed in a leading icon on the menu item in the app. You should host your own images in an online image store and include the published link in the image field in your menu item. Using images is encouraged as it speeds up item recognition by wait staff.

Adding Stock Items and Ingredients

You can optionally add stock items and  track your stock usage by associating them with menu items. Entering stock items and menu ingredients allows you to report stock usage and profitability for each menu item.

First enter your stock items in the units you purchase them, such as bottles of beer or spirits. Add the price you pay for each item.

Next, create ingredients for each menu item which links to the stock item and specifies the number of serves the menu item uses from each stock item as required. In the case of bottles of beer you will enter 1 as the number of serves for the selected stock item. Cocktails would have ingredients for each stock item they need and the number of shots they use.



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