take table orders in real time and increase accuracy


Unlimited data

Name your tables alphabetically or numerically. Add your categories. Add menu items for categories. Create bills for tables. Create orders for bills. Add unlimited owners, managers, employees and commission staff. Add stock items and ingredients to track your stock usage and profitability.

Real time billing

Wait staff or cashiers can use any Andoid phone or tablet or create bills and orders. Data is saved to our secure data storage in real time. ExactPOS supports unlimited concurrent users. Kitchen and bar staff see new orders immediately and can swipe each order as ready. Wait staff can check ready for delivery orders and swipe them as collected.

Lots of great reports

Get sales, income, stock usage, profitability and commission sales reports on demand from our admin website. Commission sales reports are available even without registering commission staff.

Commission sales

Any of your menu items may optionally have a commission price. When sales are created for these menu items the user will be invited to enter a commission staff number. Commission staff may optionally be registered with this number and can then login and view their sales for the current date.

Print bills anytime

The exactPOS app supports Bluetooth ESC/POS printers with 58mm paper width. Any user can print any bill until it is paid. Bills can be printed in English, Thai, Vietnamese or any language using Western European characters. The data language is set in the admin website.

Unlimited employees and staff

Add users with login profiles as owners, managers, employees and commission staff. Each role besides owner is restricted in the data they can view and the functionality they are authorized to perform. Users can select their preferred language for using exactPOS.

Happy hour

Each menu item has a regular price and a happy hour price. Turn happy hour on or off anytime.


Apply a discount to any bill before it's paid with easily to select amounts. Choose from 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 50% and free.

Flexible ordering

Add, edit or delete sales from any bill anytime until it's paid. Print a new bill any time you add or edit an item. Once a bill is paid it can only be accessed from the admin website for greater security.

Administration website

Owners and managers can login to the admin website where they configure users, tables, categories, menu items, stock items, menu and ingredients. Bills and orders can be viewed and edited. A wide range of reports is available. The admin website is available from any web browser.

Data security and app speed

Our data is stored in secure remote data storage in Amazon cloud servers located in Singapore. Data is backed every 30 minutes. We don't share your details or data with anybody. ExactPOS is not affiliated with any organization.

Fast development cycle

We do all our development and hosting in house and don't rely on any external service for anything other than a cloud provider. We are able to develop new features and tweak existing features rapidly. We love working with our clients to expand our functionality. Our roadmap includes commission staff earnings tracking from retainers and sales.

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