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Configure your menu data in the admin website and start billing

Yes, we store our data in cloud remote data storage following industry best practice for maximum security. Our data is automatically backed up every 30 minutes.

Yes, your account remains unchanged. We understand businesses are trading in difficult times and we will not delete your data if you need to suspend your subscription for up to 12 months

Business owners and managers configure the table and menu data in the admin backend website. Owners, managers and wait staff employees can login to the mobile app and create bills and orders for tables which are saved to our cloud servers in real time.

You can sign up for an account and pay a monthly subscription using our online secure payment gateway. We do not store your card details. Login to your subscription account and cancel at any time.

ExactPOS automatically handles your trading date. You set a trading start time in your configuration and the app does the rest. ExactPOS does not handle till balancing and so trading start and end actions are not required.

No, all reports are available from our admin website on demand. This enhances security and ensures greater reliability.

Send an email or message our Line account and we will respond ASAP.

Any app user can connect to any available Bluetooth printer which supports the ESC/POS format and uses 58mm paper width which is a common industry standard. No special printer configuration is needed.

Wait staff can select from English, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Malay, Indonesian, Khmer or Burmese to use the app. Print bills in English, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Malay or Indonesian. The bill printing language is set in the venue configuration and is independent from the employee selected user language.

Yes, exactPOS supports unlimited concurrent users. Bills and orders are immediately available on any employee’s device as soon as they are created.

Probably the most important question in these uncertain times. The exactPOS application was completely developed in house and we carry no debt. Our overheads are limited to our hosting and data storage fees.

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